Roofs The fast client for macOS





  • Group bookmarks to open them all at once in tabs (for suited browsers)
    • open a group with the new Groups popup menu (top-right) or
    • open a group by clicking the group name button in a bookmark
  • Added a setting for selecting the browser that opens a Tab Group
  • Show a notification when trying to grab an url when there is no browser in the foreground
  • Show an alert if Roofs cannot grab an url


  • Removed diacritical characters when adding a bookmark as this would prevent adding some url's to


* Much smarter incremental search for bookmarks
* Never show a 'Quit Roofs' alert at system shut down

This application collects in no way personal data from its user.
For connecting with the Pinboard API you use a token provided by Pinboard. This enables accessing your Pinboard account without having to store a copy of your password.
A subscriber can always reset this token.