Roofs iOS

The current version is 1.0.2

Roofs Bookmarks

Roofs Bookmarks is the accompanying app for the Roofs macOS application. All your bookmarks are immediately available. Fast. Manage on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
If you have a subscription for the bookmarking site, this is the app you want. is a bookmarking service with no ads or tracking.

Roofs Bookmarks clean user interface doesn't get in your way but has everything to quickly find the webpage you've bookmarked before, be it on the website, on your Mac.

You are going to use this application all day long, a new life for your subscription!

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Use your existing subscription

With the Roofs app, you'll find your bookmarked sites quick and easy. You will find out, that this application revives your subscription: you're gonna use it all the time.
All bookmarks are buffered locally for an even faster experience.


Find fast

No need to go to, but find what you search for immediately.
Search is on all content, including tags. Just type.

If you set your Sort mode on Sort on last used, you will notice that Roofs is very smart in showing you the wanted results.


When Roofs fills in the url, no typos are made. You always get the website you intend. Insecure bookmarks are marked red, safe ones green.

The app is always synced with So if you make a change elsewhere, your Roofs app stays up-to-date.

Safari Extension

Create a new bookmark with the Roofs Safari extension.

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If a webpage provides extra information this is automatically filled in for you when you add a bookmark.

Keyboard support

When you attach a hardware keyboard to your iPad, you can navigate with the Arrow-keys and go to a bookmarked website via de Enter key.
Use the Escape key to clear the search result (you can arrange this in the iPad settings)

Sort order

Sort by date entered, date used or most used (very handy).

Uncluttered Interface

Shows favicon, tags, last used, creation date and more. 

When searching on Tags, only the available tags will be shown.


Written entirely in Swift. Supports modern features like auto light-dark mode.


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