The fast client for macOS.
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If you have a subscription for the Pinboard bookmarking site, this is the application you want!
Pinboard is a bookmarking service with no ads or tracking.
The same goes for Roofs: no user tracking, no adds.

In this time of subscriptions and in-app purchases it is nice to know that Roofs is a one time buy *(for main version 1.x.x).

(Video uses an older version of Roofs)

With the Roofs application, you'll find your bookmarked sites quick and easy.
All bookmarks are buffered locally for an even faster experience. Only when there are changes made on Roofs will reload its data (as this is time consuming, better make all changes inside Roofs).
A shortcut can open the search window, type and Return opens the wanted web page. No trip to the mouse or trackpad is needed.


Roofs will automatically adjust its appearance for Mojave's Light - and Dark Mode.

When there is no hit in your bookmarks, you can continue typing for searching in a Search Engine of your choice.


When you open the application for the first time, you will be asked for the TOKEN from your subscription.

When you click on the icon next to the TOKEN field, your webbrowser will open the page with your personal TOKEN (you have to be logged in for this).
Press 'Login' and you will see all your bookmarks. The lastest ones you have entered are on top.
If you prefer, you can show the lastest used on top.

Roofs sees the sharing you use most (public of private) as default. All the bookmarks that do not have the default value, will be marked.
Any dead link in your bookmarks will be noticed and marked.

Apple doesn't allow anymore that App Store applications control other application (sandbox). That's one of the reasons that the Apple environment is so stable and reliable.
The downside is that Roofs cannot grab information from your browser...

However it is possible to get the url, title, description and current browser filled in for new bookmarks.
You have to tap ⌘+L, ⌘+C and end with your New Bookmark shortcut. The first two key combinations store the url in the System clipboard. That is enough for Roofs the get the other information.


Start searching by typing. The search is on title, description and tags.
If you start your search with T space or U space, the search will be on tags or url's respectively.
You can also change the search mode via the button at the left of the field.
The first result is initialy selected. You can use the up- and down arrows to select another bookmark.
Press Return and the wanted page opens in your browser (Roofs goes to the background).
When there is no hit in your bookmarks, you can continue typing for searching in a Search Engine.

This is all you have to know to get started.
Of course you can fine-tune your settings as desired.

Some details

Roofs can run in the background. You can toggle between regular- and background mode via a Status menu.
When you hit the trigger key combination, the program gets active and lets you start with searching for your bookmarks.
Fast finding is the main purpose of the application.
If you want to do more then just searching, you can do that on the Pinboard website.
The easiest way, for example, to add a new bookmark, is by using one of the options for saving bookmarks offered by the website.

Nevertheless there are a lot of possibilities inside the program for managing your bookmarks. Most options are available via shortcuts, such as:

Every day actions are available in the Touch Bar (if your Mac has one of course).

In the New and Edit dialog you can adjust most of the bookmark properties. Typing tags is with auto completion for al existing ones. The results are shown immediately.
Remember: all actions can be done with your keyboard (if you prefer).

In the Settings you can change the activation shortcut (default is shift ⌘ B), tell your program to launch at login, choose what is your sharing default and more. All bookmarks that are not your sharing default will be marked in the list. So if you have chosen for 'Private', every bookmark that is 'Public' will be marked. And visa versa.
You can enter a new bookmark via a browser bookmarklet offered by the website or via a shortcut. Roofs takes care of up-to-date contents.

You can always go back or close a panel, by tapping the esc key.


For very large bookmark collections (think over 1,000), it is best practice to do all your 'bookmarking' from inside Roofs.
If changes are made on the website, Roofs will notice there were changes. But Roofs doesn't know what has changed. So the program has to reload all bookmarks and find the change(s). Depending on the speed of your network and computer, this can take some time.

On the other hand, changes made in Roofs are reflected immediately to So your collection is always up-to-date.


This application collects in no way personal data from its users.
The connection to the Pinboard API goes via the https protocol to guarantee a secure communication.
For connecting with the Pinboard API you use a token provided by Pinboard. This enables contact with your Pinboard account without having to store a copy of your password.

A subcriber can always reset this token.


Arie van Boxel


The Roofs program has no connections with the website service. The website is the inspiration for this program.

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