FMail The native FastMail client for macOS


The current version is 1.3.9 [2019-07-09]

For years now, I use FastMail as my email provider. Have a look there if you do not use this service and you want to know what it can do for you.

For iOS and Android there are native clients, but not for macOS. The web interface used by FastMail is excellent.
The one thing missing for me, is that the web interface cannot handle email links. So when you click on such a link it is the macOS Mail application that opens.
That is not what I want.
Enter FMail.

When you have installed FMail and have adjusted your default email client, an email link will open the FMail client with all provided fields filled.
The Dock item will show a badge with the number of unread mails.

Downloading is handled inside the application and the files are saved in your Download folder.

As a bonus: your surfing does not -accidentally- close your email window.
FMail is a small application, taking little resources on your system.

Change the default email client

For FMail to work as your default email client, you have to change a setting.
Open the Apple Mail client, go to the Preferences (⌘,).

Here we select FMail as Default email reader. Quit Apple Mail and you're done.
If FMail is not in the menu yet, use Select… to choose for FMail.


  • Handles email links from other programs
  • Notifies when new mail arrives
  • The Dock icon shows the number of unread mails
  • Window bar shows title of selected item
  • Attachments download from inside the application
  • Show Raw Message inside the application and easily copied to the pasteboard
  • Application specific contextual menus
  • For printing we use Safari*
  • Shortcuts for composing and searching mail
  • Auto dark/light mode in Mojave
  • Written entirely in Swift

*Ok, I know it is a little technical. We have to use the safe WKWebView class inside our application, but at the moment WKWebView for macOS has no build-in support for printing. Come on Apple!


The program is free to use and without any warranty.