Music is a big thing in our lives. There’s something playing nearly all day.


All the music I own is stored on my QNAP NAS.
Then of course there is the abo for Tidal. In my opinion one of the best music streaming services.
Since some time there is a new kid on the music player market, called Roon. Have a look.
It not only plays your music but adds all kind of information at your music. Think of reviews, lyrics etc.
I have used it for some time now, a year and a half, and it really is the best you can get.

It is not a player, in fact it is a music server. The advantage is, that you can have as many clients as you want.
In my case the server is running on my iMac. There is also a client on it, i.e. the user interface. The good thing is that all music resources appear unified. Streaming, local or on a server, radio stations, all in the same interface. I, the user, don’t want to see the unlying structures.
And Roon playes all formats. I’m a fan of .flac, the lossless format.

Because of the server-client architecture I have clients everywhere: Ineke’s iPhone, my own Nexus Android phone, the iPad, the MacBook. They all control where I play what I play. You could have playing a radio station in your kitchen, a classical .flac in the living room and a Tidal stream in the study.

But there’s a but.
The price.
You can have an anual subscription for $119/year. Another option is a lifetime membership for $499. I assume Roon will last for some time, but lifetime?
Anyway, for now this is my absolute winner.

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