Last month I have set up a small Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) with an Intel® Core™ i5-6260U, 16GB Ram and a Samsung SSD 250 Go Serie 850 Evo M.2. Intel NUC
I bought it to have something to play with during the cold winter days.

Several Linuxes have been tested out on it. The one that’s most suited one for me appears to be Linux Mint.
At the moment I am running Linux Mint 18.1 on a Linux 4.9.4 kernel (the latest one at the time of writing).
This Linux installed without problems, as there were always minor things when installing other versions of Linux.
I have tried Arch, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and Xubuntu.
All in all I have gained a lot of Linux knowledge.

Linux Mint

Mint has a nice interface, and is not too bare bone. In the end I am an macOS fan boy.
The main practical purpose will be hosting Roon Server. The Intel NUC uses less power then my iMac and the latter doesn’t need to run day and night anymore.
The NUC has no problem at all with Roon Server, but there is a thing: a can only use one Airport as endpoint. This probably is a Roon thing. Roon will soon go to version 1.3 and I hope this issue is solved (IF it is a Roon thing).

The first applications I have installed on the new NUC are Simplenote, Atom, Autokey, Synapse.
For backup I use rsync. Via a crontab the rsync starts every night a backup to my QNAP Nas. Flawless!

Luckily I’ve managed to change the scroll direction (the old Windows way) to the more natural Mac way.

Let us look at how it works out. The Intel is quiet, small and fast with sufficient ports. Of course Linux is something for geeks or web servers. I prefer it on Windows. It’s far more open and underneath it is Unix. Like my favorite maxOS. Still a lot of things missing. Especial visually Linux is still in the Stone Age1.
But for me it is OK.

  1. Of course I am spoiled by the beautiful very high resolution images on the 27” iMac Retina. 

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