November 8, 2014

A thing that has bothered me lately is the all-mighty-google: they know far too much of what I do.
I try to avoid using this all-mighty as much as possible.
One of the first things that I’ve changed is moving from DropBox to Bittorrent Sync. Bittorrent Sync is very secure, there’s nothing scanned by the all-mighty and it goes fast. No Cloud involved.



November 7, 2014

As I want to be less dependant of hosting features, I have started a static site. It is also an attempt to be less sensitive for all kinds of evil things on the web nowadays.
This site contains just plain html/text files.
A big bonus is you can host these files anywhere. No need for PHP, Java or whatever.
And because there is little parsing, a static site is fast too.


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