Since we live in France I encounter a lot of French products. One of them is Qobuz1, the high quality streaming music service. I, as an audio geek, am very happy with it. Before Qobuz I used another French product, Deezer. Deezer is like Spotify.

Now I have bought yet another French product, Audirvana Plus. I only discovered this came from a French guy, when I asked for support. Audirvana is a kind of iTunes. Not as many bells and whistles, more basic. The big difference is the sound quality. It plays all kind of files too, such as Flac.

In fact I didn’t know one could improve Apple’s sound quality. But you can!

This is how I listen to my music. All my music is played in Audirvana Plus. Then the signal goes via Airfoil to two Airport Expresses. One is for my Yamaha NS-SW200 subwoofer, the other is for the main audio. I have an Audioengine D1 24-bit DAC connected to the digital output of the Airport Express. Until this DAC everything is lossless in the digital domain. The output of the DAC goes to a -revised- Quad 33/303 amplifier.


Finally the sound is played through two Boston Acoustics A25 speakers (my wife did not want big speakers anymore; in fact I am very happy with them).

As if I am in a sound studio. I can know, because once I was a sound engineer.

  1. Since there are strong rumors it’s not going well with Qobuz, this is an alternative: Tidal

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